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Comprehensive Criminal Defense Representation

Criminal Defense Israel specializes in discreet representation of clients who need help now.  I bring a depth of knowledge in the wide ocean of criminal defense proceedings to help you get through your legal situation and provide a clear strategy about the best way to move forward. Read on to learn more about my practice areas and call today. Your case is important to me.

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Experienced Counsel

If you need Criminal Defense Representation, you have come to the right place. We offer high level representation in all criminal proceedings in Israel. Our firm represents a wide variety of clients from all walks of society, with a common need for professional representation at a critical junction. With an American Born Attorney with both Israeli and American training and licensing, communication will be a breeze,  clear and concise and in your mother tongue.

Don't let the system or the situation overwhelm you!

We will help you make your way through the maze of the legal system.

From the opening of a criminal investigation, we provide consultation before questioning, representation at arrest hearings, and consultation and representation at hearings by the prosecution prior to indictment

(שימוע לפני הגשת כתב אישום).

Do not take for granted that you have nothing to hide and therefore can go in for questioning or to a hearing without having retained counsel. The legal system is especially difficult for those who are sure that they are innocent and they have nothing to hide. In many cases a call to a good attorney will help you wrap things up quickly.


If the case moves to the indictment stage (הגשת כתב אישום), we offer representation for both the trial and the remand/bail process (בקשה למעצר עד תום ההליכים). 

If the judge decides to send the indicted client to a court appointed risk assessment (תסקיר), before releasing the individual from custody, we provide the family the counsel and tools to attain the best results in the risk assessment evaluation and interview process.


In addition we offer representation for the appeal process, both to current clients and clients who have been represented at an earlier stage by another attorney. 


We represent our clients in a clear and strong manner, that will leave no doubt to the investigators or prosecutors that you are being represented by highly qualified criminal defense attorneys. Due to our many years of practice in the field of criminal defense work we have gained a reputation for professional excellence and good results for our clients.

Our particular expertise is helping Anglo-Israelis with their legal issues. With our speciality being in Legal Issues in Israel and New York, we can assist you unlike others both in the Israeli and New York courts.

In criminal proceedings timing can be crucial and therefore it is of upmost importance to retain qualified and diligent counsel as soon as possible. 

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Representing With Respect

Let Criminal Defense Israel be the solution for your urgent legal issue in Israel or in New York. By combining a fundamental understanding of the big picture with the complexity of daily interactions and experiences, our attorney provides proactive solutions to a diversity of clients. Advocate Haim Reichbach is involved in some of the most innovative, sophisticated, and complex criminal defense cases in Israel and in New York. Advocate Haim Reichbach's extensive experience with Forensic Science gives him the ability to provide especially effective counsel to his clients. 



Proven Record

Criminal Defense Attorney Haim Reichbach is an American Born Attorney who is Licensed with both the Israeli and New York Bar Associations. Attorney Haim Reichbach is also a commissioned New York State Notary. Advocate Haim has many years experience representing clients in all areas of Criminal Defense proceedings. In addtion to his professional work in the legal field, Advocate Haim, has served for 28 years in an Elite Combat Unit of the Israel Defense Forces. Advocate Haim is also an avid and determined marathon runner, who has completed over 20 full marathons. Advocate Haim will fight your case with the tenaciousness needed to bring you justice and a good result.

Advocate Haim Reichbach is also licensed  by the Israeli Ministry of Justice to prepare and submit Enduring Power of Attorneys (ייפוי כוח מתמשך) and can assist you with preparation of wills and submission of estates to Probate Court.

If you or your family member have an urgent legal issue in Israel or New York, we can help! Contact us now to speak to a Professional Criminal Defense and Family Law Attorney and schedule a free and discreet consultation.

Testimonials of Adv. Haim's Service

"Advocate Haim Reichbach, Thank you so much for the extensive work that you invested in our case. Congratulations on the great result and success. I and my parents thank you from the bottom of our heart. With much thanks and appreciation."

K. S. August 2017

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"Dearest Haim,

We do not have enough words to thank you for all the time and assistance that you invested in our case. For us you were the right man at the right time, and you helped to bring the truth to the light. Your assistance was given deep from within your soul, and we felt that we were one large family."

May you find many more cases of blessing and success. 

With great appreciation, 

E. S.

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Jerusalem, Israel


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"Dearest Haim,

We do not have enough words to thank you for all the time and assistance that you invested in our case. For us you were the right man at the right time, and you helped to bring the truth to the light. Your assistance was given deep from within your soul, and we felt that we were one large family."

May you find many more cases of blessing and success. 

With great appreciation, 

E. S. February 2016

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Dear lawyer Haim Reichbach,


I came to you to ask for your help with a case that was filed against me for years back that I could not resolve no matter how much I tried.

In a lot of pain I got to you and you were the kindest,most patient, most professional lawyer I met!

You did not stop at anything until you got the righteous outcome I deserved.


You managed with your kindness and your abilities and professionalism to bring me and my kids peace and happiness again! 


I wish everyone whose going through hard times like I did to be lucky enough to have a lawyer like you to help them!


Thank you so much for all your help!


Forever grateful!

S. W. June 2020

Received excellent expert treatment from Adv. Seth Haim, he was and is a real gentleman who helped me out in a difficult situation and resolved it professionally, he kept me updated on developments in my case up to it's conclusion B"H. He also kindly answered and advised me regarding an unrelated issue, which is very much appreciated! Thank you!!!

A.S. March 2020.

I found myself in a  unfortunate and sticky position at the end of the day that was was originally planned as a family get-together.

I had stepped between a teenager and a cop arguing over an open bottle of alcohol. When the day was over I was bruised and handcuffed with the claims that I had hit a police officer.l

I was referred to the office of Adv. Haim Reichbach. 
The whole experience working with Haim was a pleasure, from the moment I walked in to his office until the day I walked out of the courts with a clean slate.

Haim treated my case with the seriousness that I felt. He dealt with all my questions and concerns availing himself to me as needed (to calm me), calling me and taking my calls whenever i needed.

Haim promised me a great verdict and followed through. 

It was a pleasure working with him

Thank you 


A.W. April 2019

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